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Stryi, Lviv region
+38 096 107-17-11
+38 096 130-15-55


17 April 2013
Renovated Wulyk

Welcome to our new web site. Now you can get all information about our complex and book the table or a suit in advance using the online booking system.

15 April 2013
Having a wedding?

Our Wulyk invites You to celebrate this wonderful event in our complex. We offer delicious cuisine, cozy atmosphere, festive spirit and unforgettable memories about the celebration!

Recreational complex Wulyk
One of the biggest recreational
complexes of the Stryi district
+38 096 107-17-11 - restaurant
+38 096 130-15-55 - motel
Ukraine, Lviv region,
Stryi district, village Duliby,
Shevchenko str. 416 Б
(international highway Kyiv – Stryi - Chop
3 km. from Stryi)